10 Point Spring Check-up

A/C & Plumbing 10-Point Spring Checkups

2 Services For 1 Great Price

Air Conditioning

  1. Wash Condenser Coil
  2. Check Freon Level
    (Up to 1Lb Free)
  3. Check Ducting System For Air Leaks
  4. Check All Electrical Connections
  5. Check Volt & Amp Draw
  6. Check Thermostat Calibration
  7. Check Filter
  8. Check Evaporator Coil (Extra Charge To Clean)
  9. Clean & Clear Condensate Drains
  10. Check Oil Motors


  1. Perform Visual Plumbing Inspection
  2. Check Water Heater (Vent, Gas, Piping)
  3. Check Angle Stop & Faucets
  4. Do Basic Pipe Inspection
    (Camera Inspection Additional Charge)
  5. Check Garbage Disposal
  6. Check Shower Valve
  7. Check Toilets
  8. Check Clean Out Location
  9. Perform Code Violation Inspection
  10. Check House Shut-Off Valve (Hose Bibbs)


Checkups Must Be Scheduled During Regular Business Hours Only. Addition A/C Or Water Heater Units $69.95 Each.